The fifth edition of Fr Patten's Guide to the Shrine: this is the 5th and last edition: the 4th was published at the opening of the completed Shrine Church in 1938 and is similar to this, except that this later one published in 1939 includes a ground floor plan of the whole building. Not everything shown in the ground plan below came to fruition or exactly as seen here. (you can return to St Augustine’s Chapel page here) 1st edition: October 1931 (at the opening of the new Holy House); 2nd: 1932; 3rd: 1935 (revised); 4th: 1938 (revised); 5th: 1939 (revised and enlarged); a 6th was prepared but abandoned because of the outbreak of War
The inside cover (below) has been turned 90° to make viewing easier

The Little Guide to the Sanctuary

of Our Lady of Walsingham

1939 edition