As we work through the archives we find gaps in series: perhaps someone has a copy of what we need and would be willing to send us a scan or photocopy. We concentrate mainly on the records of Fr Patten’s lifetime (i.e. up to 1958), although there are many gaps in the later series. He often issued “wants” lists as he furnished the new buildings, and here are some of our present needs in the archives. The Our Lady’s Mirror website [to follow shortly] has its own list.
We already have one copy of a few of the manuals listed below, but we like to keep two copies of each edition. Pilgrims' Manuals: 3rd (1949), 4th (1951), 6th (1957), 7th (1960), 9th (1965 and 1966),11th (1972), 13th (1976), 17th (1988) and 18th (1996) dates and edition number of the Manuals are printed at the front or back of the booklet. ______ Walsingham Holy House Leaflets No. 2 title unknown. ______
Donations There is no pressure whatever on anyone to donate their memorabilia to the archives. We will be happy with photocopies or scans of our missing items. It is the information within which matters most.
Nevertheless, thank you to everyone who does donate their own Walsingham books or those which come to them after the death of a relative or friend.
eBay - Walsingham publications There are always Walsingham items for sale on eBay and we have an eBay alert for anything new. If we don't have the item in the archives and we want it badly enough, like those in the list above, it will be bid for (out of private donations). If you’re planning to bid for something to donate to us, please contact us first in case we already have it in the collection. Postcards are a particular problem as our collection of over 300 cannot be shown online. The Shrine itself has published many at different times since 1931, and we already have most of those. eBay hosts dozens of Walsingham-related postcards all the time, many of them duplicated in large numbers, although occasionally a rare one comes up. If you follow them on eBay, or any similar site, and know the postcards well, please let us know if you see something you think is rare.