This site contains material that was formerly part of the Publications section of the Walsingham Anglican Archives website. These are a selection of the Shrine’s own publications: there are more in the archive collection. Its major publications - Our Lady’s Mirror and Walsingham Review - have a website of their own, to be uploaded this month. This section still awaits some tweaking, but it seems better to make it available again now, at last. The old website has been divided into four parts, chiefly on account of its size and consequent uploading problems. The four sites - all ending in - are the Medieval section of the old site - has been up and running for some time [this one] the ‘Publications’ section of the old site, except ‘Our Lady’s Mirror and its successors’ now on its own website, and the Bibliography and Biographies of Fr Patten still included in the main site waaolm the ‘Our Lady’s Mirror and its successors’ section of the old site, to be uploaded this month walsinghamanglicanarchives the main and largest site, incorporating everything else that was in the old site; expected shortly The print on some document images may need to be magnified.

The Walsingham Archives

The Archives of the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham


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